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Stacy Peralta’s film “Bones Brigade” an inspiration

I was reading the LA Times a week or so ago (I’m old school, I still get it delivered and I love it) and found this great article on the skater legend and documentary filmmaker Stacy Peralta.  You might remember him from the seminal skater documentary (and one of my all-time favorite films) “Dogtown and Z-Boys,” or the big wave maverick surfer documentary “Riding Giants.”

His latest film is a doc about the Bones Brigade, a skate team he founded when he’d moved on to his entrepreneurial days in the ’80s.  This might surprise you that I’m a skateboard fan, but hear’s a little known fact about me…  I grew up a skate rat, and when I finally put away my board I still hung out with my brother on the massive half-pipe ramp we had in our backyard.  The half-pipe was taller than our house– maybe wider.  (We had a small house and a huge backyard.)

At any rate, Dogtown was my stomping ground in the early ’80s and skaters like the Z-boys my buds.

The reason that this film makes it onto my blog, however, has more to do with my current obsession, filmmaking.  “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” has fully embraced the indie, DIY distribution tools and made a success of it.  What’s successful?  The film is reaching its audience with a high degree of penetration, it’s doing it in a way that it outside the box and allows for high audience engagement, and it’s monetizing this to a high degree.  In short, the audience is seeing the film and the investors and filmmakers are rewarded for their time and money.  Everyone wins.

The LA Times article talks about Stacy’s approach to doing this.  It captures their cheekiness, too, which is a key to their success.  Take a read if you’ve got time. It’s some great inspiration and food for thought!


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