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On Visiting Mammoth and Mono County…

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Mono-Lake-Tufa-PictureOne of the most rewarding parts of the this process has been getting to know the people of Mammoth and Mono County, and getting to see the place through the eyes of the people who live there.

I recently visited for six days and met all kinds of folks. I hiked the Horseshoe Lake Loop for the first time, biked up to the Woods Lodge on Lake George. I’d never been to Lake George– didn’t even know about it.

I went out to Bodie and got a tour from the ranger. Then, I met a renowned landscape photographer on the road out. We were both taking pictures. A new friendship made in a chance meeting on a gravel road at 8000 feet.

You know how you fall in love with someone and then, if it’s right, keep learning more about them, surprising yourself by how deeply you fall, how much there is to love about them? That’s the experience I’m having with Mammoth and Mono County.

It’s magical.