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The 6 Stages of Sharing Your Dream

Okay, so it can be confronting to share one’s dream. Seriously. I started sharing about this film this week and found myself confronted on all kinds of levels. And I’m in the business of supporting people in accomplishing their dreams. I live in the dream capitol of the world!

So, as I looked at what I was experiencing, I came up with a list of the stages of sharing a dream. Kind of like the 5 stages of grief, only it’s our dreams. They are:

1) Confronted. (e.g. How dare I have such a bold dream?)
2) Uncomfortable. (Okay, this is getting a little easier, but I’m still way out of my comfort zone.)
3) Finding my groove. (This sharing is not so bad. I’m starting to find some kindred spirits.)
4) Exhilarated. (I am not only sharing my dream, I’m going to accomplish my dream!)
5) Fun loves company! (Come on down and play! Let’s all have a big dream!)
6) Expansive world view. (Have a big life, have big dreams!)

This is what I’ve experienced. It’s been exhilarating, uncomfortable, slow and steady, lighting fast. At times the air has felt different against my skin, I’ve been so far out of my comfort zone.

It’s made me wonder why we don’t all share our dreams more often? Yeah, I get it, we’re all too cool for that… but, why? Why are we too cool? Are we all so disappointed, ridden-hard-and-put-away-wet, recession-kicked, that we have stopped dreaming?

I don’t believe it. I think we all dream, we just need a little help sharing our dreams.

So, this is that help. Share your dream with me right now. Declare it loud and proud. Or softly at first. I don’t care, just declare your dream. Don’t worry about how it will come true. That will get figured out later. Besides, it’s tough for it to come true if you don’t share it!

Here’s to our dreams coming true…

2 thoughts on “The 6 Stages of Sharing Your Dream”

  1. I dream of my wife Michelle and me traveling the world and living in L. A. as movie stars. I have this vision of flying to London to do a film with Michelle. I arrive at our hotel and open up my curtain. The view looks right out over the Thames river and Big Ben. Michelle arrives a little later–she had to take a separate flight because she came from the television series she’s shooting. She opens the door, puts down her suitcase, and I stretch out my hand from the window. She joins me. We hold each other and look out over all of London in silent gratitude that we reached this moment and reached it together.

    Comment by Paul Cuneo on November 5, 2010 at 7:32 pm

  2. I love this! I know from experience how our dreams come true, especially the more specific we are. I love how detailed and specific this is. I’m right there with you…

    Comment by Shawn on November 11, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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